Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Maui Wowi January 24, 2009

It was a great weekend with teaching a card class, rehearsal for Dooby's show on January 31st, performing at Maui Wowi and spending time with friends.

Below are photos of some of the lovely dancers at Maui Wowi. I performed this sessions sword routine and tribal drum solo but the video on the sword routine is the only one that came out.

Here's my performance from the evening.

Hope to see you all at Dooby's on the 31st.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

14th Annual Swap Meet

What an awesome day! There were 30 vendors that attended my 14th annual swap meet my largest event to date! Usually the vendors are located in the grassy area of the Women's Club but this year the yard filled up very quickly so the vendors spread out along the sidewalk area next to the building turning the corner with more spaces in front of the Club.

The workshops were full and even the dancers who were on the waitlist got in to enjoy the classes. I started the morning out with combinations only 3 this year and thank goodness I kept it to 3 we just had enough time to learn all 3. The combos I taught were not short they were all 32 counts in length with twist and turns to challenge every dance level.

Holly taught Pops-N-Locks with Morgiana following with Single Veil and Carrie Konyha ending the day with Shimmy Variations and Layering. I heard great reviews about all the workshops. A huge thank you to all my workshops instructors you rocked the house!!!!

Below are photos from the day that my husband took. He was such an enormous help that day as he is every year. I can't say enough about this wonderful man I married.

We are going to do this all over again on October 10th with an added feature an evening show. We are going to make an entire day of it!!!

Class’s start this week, it's been such a long break between sessions; can't wait to see everyone. All the choreographies are ready to go, ladies hope you like them :-)

I'm starting a new class on Thursday mornings from 9 - 10 in my home studio. I'm limiting this class to 5-6 people and it's full! We will be working on technique and combination moves for the next 6 weeks.

I'm also going to be teaching a new class at Venture Out in Mesa. Classes start this week and will run for 6 weeks also. This is going to be one very busy dance week; yikes!!!

This Saturday will be a full day with teaching a card class, a rehearsal for Dooby’s and performing at Maui Wowi.

I’m excited for the card class we will be making the CD books, vintage valentine cards and small boxes filled with candy. I love making the CD books and seeing the artistic creations everyone makes. There will be 6 of us enjoy the day of crafting.

Enjoy your week...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow it's already January 11th and I'm just finding a little bit of time to blog; what a month already!!!

The first weekend in January I taught two dance workshops on Saturday; a great way to start the year. Thanks Kimberley and Tiffany for sponsoring me in a cane workshop at Plaza de Anaya I had a great time and yeah no one broke the mirrors with a flying cane :-)

Last Friday TC had a Belly Dance Gathering at Inside the Bungalow. It was an outside event and really cold outside but the dancers were there heating up the night. Great show TC and Demi Faraday your second calling is being an MC you were fantastic!!!

Saturday night was Morgiana's birthday bash at Plaza de Anaya. What a party that was!!! Egyptian Cartouche performed as a group and several members did solos and a mini group number. Children of Isis performed a number along with some members doing solo pieces, Karen, Anaya Tribal, Morgaina's Bookman's class and myself ending the evening. I don't know the name of the drumming group that showed up; they provided some cool beats and rhythms during the open dancing throughout the evening.

Saturday morning I taught a card class and what a blast that was. We made peek-a-boo boxes filled with candy (for Valentines Day), a vintage Valentine card and a CD book. Below are photos of what we made in class.

I've had so much fun creating cards and other paper crafts I'm going to be teaching classes every month; just love crafting!!!! I have another class on the 24th of this month; can't wait!

I made a CD card for my husband for his birthday and one for Morgiana on her birthday. Of course my husband's card is car themed with photos of our VW's and a photo of our 2CV and Morgiana's card is belly dance related :-)

My husband's birthday card book...
I took leather scraps to make the cover and the back. The VW letters and the little Citroen car are in flatten bottle caps. The Citroen page I took some of my husband's car patches and scanned them to make the paper whick I attached to the front of the leather scrap to make the back of the card. Some fiber attached to a ring holds it all together.

Morgiana's Card front and back...
I love recycling my old CDs and I've been going crazy making cards and books with them. I stamped the dancer image and took clear micro beads and covered the image with them. I attached some do-dads from bits and pieces I have in my belly dance costume stock and added fiber and beads along the side to spice it up. Morgiana performs the most spectacular double sword routine and I had a sword eyelet in all my crafting goodies and what a perfect embellishment for your card.

This starting the 17th is my 14th annual belly dance swap meet. There will be 4 workshops this year and they are all full; I've started a wait list this is tremendous! I have 24 vendors signed up right now this is going to be one fantastic day. The weather is supposed to be 71 degrees a perfect day for shopping, learning and networking. Check out my website for more info on this event, http://www.joyofbellydancing.com/swapmeet14.htm. Hope to see you there.

My dance classes start up on January 20th and 21st at the Mesa Art Center. Registration is going well and I have finished the choreographies for all the beginning classes. I'm working on the sword class and the tribal drum solo classes right now. I have the music all picked out and that's half the battle!

The beginning Tuesday class one of my students requested I do something to Shakira's song "Ojos Asi" or Eyes Like Yours so I did; great song. The beginning Wednesday class is a routine to a Warda song and the beginning tribal class is a tribal fusion dance choreographed by Sahira from her first DVD Arabian Spices. I taught her 2nd DVD to my intermediate tribal class last year called Ali; that was one awesome dance routine.

Sorry no pictures of any of the events this month I keep forgetting to take my camera. I even got a new camera and it's wonderful it takes really good photos indoors and outside; not like my other camera :0)

Until my next post enjoy your week...