Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plaza de Anaya Recital

Sunday April 26th was my first recital at Plaza de Anaya and what a great show. All the students did an incredible job in their dances.

This was the first session I taught at the studio and my class was single and double fan veil. I'm so proud of my students that performed with me that day. The first 4 weeks I focused on single fan veil and the last 4 weeks of the session I instructed double fan veils.

The video below is our performance of the double fan veils and Elaine and Karen did a tremendous job. They learned this dance in 4 weeks!!!

Elaine (left), Karen (right)

Elaine, me and Karen

Unfortunately my husband missed the single fan veil routine but he did get my performance of the double fan veils and my Voi routine the class I'm teaching this session.

My hubby and I had another event to go to that of course was the same time as the recital so we didn't see the rest of the recital. I performed 3 numbers and had to leave. I missed some really extraordinary performances :-(

Next recital I hope to be able to take photos of all the dancers and groups and share them with everyone.

It was a great weekend of dancing, 3 days in a row!!!

Double fan veil routine at Plaza de Anaya, music - Waiting Immigrant by REG Project from Arabianights: club & chillout classics

Voi performance at Plaza de Anaya, music - Lodi Garden by Desi Vibes from Dum Dum Project

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fees Middle School Performance

Wow what a super busy weekend!!! On Friday night several instructors from Plaza de Anaya performed at the Fees Middle School Festival.

Thank goodness we were able to perform inside the auditorium on stage and what a show it was! Not only was both Tribal and Cabaret styles of belly dancing was represented there was also poi, staff and juggling.

My hubby was there to video and filmed several of us before the battery went dead and he couldn't find the replacement batteries in my bag. I think he was afraid to go into my bag and look :0)

Below are photos I took before the event and video of some of the dancing that night.


Lois and Edith

Rebecca (all above photos of members of Egyptian Cartouche)

members of Kamalah

Cari from Anaya Tribal


Rahzi, Mia Donna, Cari and Kimberly

Egyptian Cartouche

Rebecca, myself, Lois and Edith


Sunday, April 19, 2009

County Fair April 2009

What a perfect day to be dancing outside with a group of wonderful friends, my students. We arrived at the State Fair grounds in plenty of time. With freeway closures of the 202 and 101 it was difficult to get out of the East Valley! I hadn't been on the 60 in ages and wow all the changes along the way were amazing.

We caravanned in 4 cars and some how all arrived at the Fair grounds close together. There were 11 of us dancing at the fair; Michele, Kay, Dena and Melissa we missed you.

When we arrived at the Community Stage Santa Joe was there taking photos of all the belly dancers performing on Saturday; he was going to be there all day. Members from Desert Dancers from Casa Grande and Florence were performing after us so we had a great audience of fellow dancers along with friends and family.

I am so proud of my students they were tremendous and so much fun to dance with; they performed like pros! The stage was great although there were a few places where the wood was separating under the indoor outdoor carpet. It was a eerie feeling when you stepped on those spots wondering if you were going to go through the stage or not. This stage was 100 percent better, no 500 percent better than the State Fair stage we had last year :-)

Kudos to Shelbie for being our photographer during our performance; sensational job Shelbie you got some great shots!!! Below are photos of our performances and a few candid shots :0)

Group shot before performance

Hips Don't Lie

Indian Fusion

Debbie, solo

Fan veil

Tribal drum solo

Jackie & Kathy, duet


Blues Brothers, Do You Love Me

Zahira, solo



Paula, solo



I Like to Move It


Jackie & Kathy

Melissa - surprise :-)

Enjoy your Sunday...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a Show!!!!!

Wow! I'm still on cloud 9 from watching the best show I've seen in a long time. Tiffany and Kimberly awesome job ladies putting the Tribal Pura weekend together at Plaza de Anaya!!!

It was a packed house last night and so great to see friends I have seen in such a long time. The show started off with Kamalah a local ATS group from Phoenix and Heather teaches at Plaza de Anaya and studied with Devyania and Lenay from San Francisco.

Divine Chaos took the stage next a local Tribal Fusion group based in Phoenix with members previously from Bedouin Tribe. They performed to live drumming; fantastic job ladies.

Natium World Dance & Students performed next another local group from the Phoenix area. I haven't seen K-Lee in such a long time great to see her perform last night with Natium and her students.

All the way from Prescott, Troupe Salamat delighted us with their performance. It has been ages since the last time I saw them perform. The group had several new faces and loved the Balkan music ladies!

Ending the first half was Red Lotus sister troupe of FatChanceBellyDance in San Francisco. These 3 lovely women were so enjoyable to watch; the audience was just mesmerized watching them perform I know I was!

Devyania started the second half of the show off with director Megha from Birmingham, AL. Both Carolena and Megha are teaching the workshops this weekend. All I can say is Wow!

I missed most of the performance of the next group Samadhi from Phoenix. This group is a collective of dancers and musicians who share a common vision. I was warming up and getting ready to perform right after them. I didn't see their performance but I was able to hear them play and loved their music.

I was next, the only soloist in the show; yikes! :-) I performed a tribal drum solo I taught my intermediate tribal class last session to Djinn's Double Doom Drum Solo; great song with a combination of beat box and doumbec. The audience was tremendous last night and so supportive of everyone performing, what an amazing feeling to be a part of this event and to be a part of it.

Anaya Tribal took the stage next all dressed in white; so striking! Astounding perform by Cari, Danna, Jessica and Tiffany. I love watching these ladies perform they are so much fun.

What a blast seeing Domba perform again what a treat!!! They started their performance with a Bollywood routine followed by a sword number and the show would not have been complete with out their signature African dance! Terrific performance all the high energy, playfulness and just per fun you expect from Domba! Thanks for the reunion.

Ending the evening was FatChanceBellyDance and Friends. What can I say, magnificent!!! I don't think I stopped smiling through the entire show and the finale I was just captivated by all the music, color of the costuming, dancing and Carolena's belly work is just incredible.

Below are photos that turned out from last nights show along with video of my performance. A huge thanks to Melissa for taking photos and filming me.

Melissa and Shelbie


Natium World Dance & Students

Red Lotus



Anaya Tribal


Tribal Drum Solo

Enjoy your week........

Friday, April 3, 2009

Card Class Samples

Hi Crafters...Below are photos of the cards we will be making Saturday April 11th.

There are 5 this month and the theme is unusual shapes. I really like how the flip flop turned out! :-)

The shapes are popsicle, flip flop shoe, match book, flower pot and the last card is recycling an empty ribbon spool to make a fairy birthday card.

The flip flop I used bright yellow paper for a summer look and stamped polka dots for a little style. The strap I used striped paper and added a flower for flare. I drew around the outside in black marker to give it some depth. I gave one of these cards to my cousin for her birthday and she loved it.

The popsicle cards are so much fun and easy to make and yes the sticks are popsicle sticks and I should add unused :-) After some trial and error really heavy card stock works best. I used a scallop punch for the bite out of the popsicle and sandwiched white card stock between the front of the card and lining of the front piece. The bow keeps the card closed. I gave this card to a friend for her birthday and she thought it was so cool! This card I saw in Creative Paper magazine issue 73, 2008.

This card is in the style of a match book and uses a small bag inside the card to hold a tag. The first one I made I didn't fold enough edging to hold the card close; that is the card on the left. The card on the right worked out much nicer and my friend Amber was the lovely recipient of this card for her birthday. She's my friend and dance buddy so of course the card is vintage belly dancers.

This cute little flower pot card is screaming Spring!!!! This is a very simple card leaving 1" for the lip of the pot and cutting the sides in by an inch to the bottom of the card. I just purchased a Stampin' Up wheel of flowers and needed to create something with it. The flower center is a flatten bottle cap and I painted the center pink. I was going to use a button for the center of the flower but I didn't have any large enough so the bottle cap worked out perfect.

I found this cute Stampin' Up stamp set on eBay and never had a chance to use it until now. The base for this birthday card is an empty ribbon spool. I left a piece of ribbon on the inside of the spool and cut white card stock to fit inside the spool as if it was ribbon; stamped it with sentiment and attached sheer ribbon at the end and tied it in a bow. I colored the fairy with color pencils and highlighted the background with chalk. Unfortunately you can't really see the coloring in the photos.

Bonus card I made after I took the group photo and just needed to include in this months card class; it's a cup cake! I found this card in May/June 2009 issue of Paper Craft Magazine.

I still have 2 spots open if you would like to join in on the fun!

Have a great weekend...