Sunday, October 26, 2008

State Fair 2008

What a great day to dance at the State Fair! We opened the fair at 10 a.m. this morning and it was perfect weather; sun was shining and it wasn't that warm yet.

The only complaint about today was the stage!!!! It was the worse stage I have ever performed on and I have danced on some pretty horrible stages. Usually the stage is painted or carpeted but this thing was in really bad shape. There were more dips in this stage than Barry Mann's song Who Put the Bomp (in the bomp, bomp, bomp) and that's a lot of dips :0) There was ply wood showing through, duct tape that wasn't sticking to anything and filthy dirty!

Everyone who performed today were troopers, they did a great job! Yes we had our bobbles here and there and I was the worst offender but it was a lot of fun.

The soloists were great to watch and we had a huge audience! Normally when you open the fair there maybe 5 people in the audience we had well over 30 folks watching us.

Melissa was so kind to come and video us but only one video turned out descent. The bass on the sound system was up way too much so all my video camera recorded was mainly the bass so even though the video was good the sound is so bad I couldn't watch he routines with the music playing!

Below are some photos and the one and only video that was descent to post; the group fan veil routine. Our next performance will be Tuesday December 16th at the Mesa Art Center hope you all can come and watch us perform.

Sampler Workshops

Thanks to all who came out for a day of learning, shopping and having fun. It was a perfect day, the weather couldn't have been any better not to hot and it was so good to see everyone especially those I haven't seen in such a long time.

Rukshana had been sewing all night and brought some gorgeous flirtie skirts, tie tops and sets!!!! Be watching my eBay store this week to check out the new inventory!

Helena started out the morning teaching Greek style belly dancing to a full house. Listing to the Greek music brought back memories for me from when I danced at some of the Greek restaurants in town. I love listing to Helena talk about Greece, the dance and the history especially about the last dance she showed.

Sherry V. was next teaching modern & vivacious belly dance fusion with her helper Heather to a packed room of dancers. What a great choreography the students were picking it up so fast; wonderful job ladies especially with all the spins!

Gina taught a really fun Bollywood choreography with all the workshop students looking fantastic following her. The duck walk and the fall to the floor didn't even faze them in the least! :-) Gina performed the dance at the end of the workshop; it's so great to see her perform the room lights up when she dances.

I ended the day with tribal fusion combinations and was so proud of every one that took my workshop! Everyone was still moving and functioning after learning all the other styles before me. Ladies you rock!!!

Big thanks to Azita for vending that day along with huge kudos to Gail and my hubby for helping out. I remembered I brought my camera when Gina started her workshop so I only have a few photos from the day; sorry.

My next big event is my Annual Swap Meet on Saturday January 17th. Mark your calendars it's going to be a great day of belly dancing. Here's more info on the event, I already have 5 vendors signed up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Way too busy :-)

It has been such a long time since my last post life is so busy!

I've been making Christmas cards and belly dance theme cards like crazy. My friend Tary and I will be vending at MACfest on November 8th in downtown Mesa. Stop by and say hi and check out our crafts we are in space G7.

This weekend is super busy with dance. The Sampler of Belly Dance Styles is Saturday the 25th from 8 - 3 with some really super dance instructors. If you have ever wanted to try a different style of belly dance than your style here is your chance. Helena Vlahos is teaching Greek style, Sherry will be teaching Modern belly dance style, Gina will wow us with Bollywood and I will be teaching tribal fusion combinations. Azita Imports and Shimmy Bliss will be vending all day also so if you can't make the workshops come and shop. For more info on the workshops check out my website,; it’s going to be a very fun day!

Sunday at 10:00 a.m. some of my students will be performing at the State Fair. It's going to be a great show with solos and group numbers. Stop by the Arizona Lottery Stage and check it out and enjoy a day at the fair.

Next big event is my annual swap meet which will be on Saturday January 17th. Vendors are already reserving their spots to sell their wares. This year there will be 4 workshops taught by Carrie Konyha, Holly, Morgiana and myself. For more info on my swap meet check out my website,; hard to believe this is number 14!

Back to making cards....