Sunday, August 9, 2009

Plaza de Anaya Anniversary Show

What a fun event and show last night!!! The event was the one year anniversary celebration of Plaza de Anaya.
Congratulations to Kimberly and Tiffany on one year of hard work, great friendships and a whole lot of fun!!!
The performers were past and present teachers at the studio and I performed with Gina (Ginici) and we danced to Baila, Baila, Conmigo by Missiego from Baila Habibi vol. 3 a really fun skirt dance. Gina also performed a Bollywood number from her workshop she taught earlier in the day. Thanks to my hubby who is always there with the video camera; our performances are below.

I have only a few photos from last night the lighting, my camera and were we were sitting just didn't work out :-(

My favorite camera man

Gina and Clint
The bunny ears and tails were worn by the instructors that night.

Gina and I performing what I call Warda Skirt

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