Monday, September 14, 2009

MAC Show on Sept. 11, 2009

Friday night was a warm evening in downtown Mesa and we were performing outside on the walkway at the Mesa Art Center in celebrating the season kick off.

There were lots of entertainers there that night from bands, jugglers, fire performers, Japanese drummers, ballroom dancers and so much more we didn't have a chance to see. As the flyer stated “live music, mayhem and merriment", and they were so right.

Some of my intermediate students from the cabaret and tribal classes performed throughout the evening alternating with the ballroom dancers. It was a fun event and we had a blast and were wringing wet by the end of the evening.

Our 8:30 show got cancelled since Mother Nature decided she wanted to blow through and stir up a little dust along with spreading just a little bit of moisture when we were going to go on. So what do belly dancers do when they can't perform and haven't eaten? You guess it we all went out and ate! :0)

Below are photos of us during our breaks...

Group before we started performing. Back row: Melissa, Elizabeth, Michele, Dawn, Paula. Front row: Me and Debbie


Melissa striking a pose

Elizabeth, Melissa, Debbie

Group after performing. Back row: Dawn, Elizabeth, Michele, Me, Melissa. Front row: Kelley, Debbie, Paula, Rachel, Melissa.

Zill dance with Rachel, Kelley and Me

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