Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yasmina's Fall Belly Dance Swap Meet

The fall swap meet was a fantastic day filled with shopping, meeting new friends, seeing friends and dancers you haven’t seen in a long time, workshops and an evening show.

It was a glorious day of sunshine and even though the weather guy said it was 88 degrees it seemed a lot hotter :0)

The day started early with getting to the Women’s Club of Mesa at 6:00 a.m. The vendors were eager to start their day and started arrive before 6:30 a.m.! Even the shoppers were arriving before 8:00 a.m. when the swap meet was to start.

It was a really nice blend of vendors this year with 23 showing up to sell their wears. Welcome to the new vendors that joined us this year and thanks to everyone for making the swap meet a success.

Gina (Ginici) was the first workshop instructor for the day starting everyone with slow and slithery moves with a twist. Holly put the workshop students through their paces with pops ‘n locks 2. Habib started the lunch hour with “heavy duty beat patrol” learning how to tweak the visual impact of your musical interpretation. I ended the day with some new combinations in cabaret and tribal style flavors.

After my workshop all the vendors packed up and we prepared the Women’s Club for the evening show. I should say Kelley and Qianna did all the work they set up over 100 chairs for the evening festivities.

The show was fabulous; what talent we have in the State of Arizona. I didn’t perform in the show I ran the music and had the best seat in the house right up front! For me it was so nice to be able to watch a show almost in its entirety. I was taking photos and getting the music for the next performance ready but all in all I got to see a show.

Thanks so much to Morgiana for emceeing the show. Personally I hate talking into a microphone and Morgiana does it with such ease; she can adlib with the best of them!

Huge thanks to Kelley for helping in the booth, keeping an eye on Habib’s booth while she taught her workshop and for help with cleaning up after the show; this girl can run a mean vacuum! Also thanks to Paula for helping with clean up after the show.

What can I say about my hubby he is priceless; I don’t know what I would do with out him; thanks John for all you do.

Photos from the show:

Divine Chaos


Desert Menagerie from Safford

Gypsy Chicks from Flagstaff

Habib from Sedona


Sonoran Rose

Sonaran Rose



Ginci and Sherry

Dancers of DeNile

Hadara from Tucson

Banat Tabla from Yuma

Anaya Tribal

Thanks for all those that attended this years event I hope you found a lot of new treasures, learned some new moves and just had a wonderful time. See you all next year, Yasmina


Rajani said...

Yasmina, thank you so much for all the work and energy you do for the dancers of Arizona. I personally have never felt more welcomed at any event, as I do when I go to yours. We were honored and had a blast dancing. The evening show was just magical, thank you again

Desert Menagerie
If it was any easier, it would be called football.

Michele L said...

Yasmina, Thanks so much for all of your hard work to organize this event and thanks also to everyone else who came to vend their wares and goodies. The show was fabulous and I was thankful that I got to see the GREAT dancers in this state, but also danced as well. Kudos to all who participated to make this a great success.
Michele L
Sonoran Rose

Chandara said...

Thanks so much for posting this! All the dancers looked beautiful (Divine Chaos comes immediately to mind -loved their costumes) and I'm glad it was a fun event!!!


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