Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chandler Parade of Lights

Sorry this has taken so long; what can I say it's that time of year! :0)

What a fun night it was and a very chilly night for us in AZ. The first Saturday of December was a very busy day. I started the day with teaching a dance workshop in the morning and that night was the light parade in downtown Chandler.

We needed to be there by 5:00 p.m. to get set up and ready to be judged for our category Best Lit Musical or Dance Troupe. The "lit" part was for lights on the costumes not "lit" inside :0)

I had my own contest going for the class and Dena and Paola won best lit dancer (again it was the use of lights) and Kyla won best use of glow sticks.

A huge thanks to Kelley and Melissa for getting us drummers to provide the music for us as we danced down the parade route with our lit candy canes.

Below are photos of the event and I'm already planning next years route!

group shot with the early birds



Melissa and I



Melissa, me and Ginn lit up

Jackie in the parking lot



group shot

Everyone have a great holiday season and a very happy New Year...until next year take care.

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