Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Belly Dance Lessons on YouTube

I finally did it!  I'm offering weekly belly dance lessons on YouTube!!!  I just posted lesson 2 on fan veils. 

Last week I started with a lesson on veils.  It was pretty bad but I know I will improve each week which I did this week.  You would think after having a belly dance TV show for 13 years I would be use to this but it has been awhile :-)

These lessons are short, each week having a different topic.   So far they are just over 7 minutes; I'm sure they will get longer in time.

Here are links to the first two classes:
Lesson 1 - veil
Lesson 2 - fan veils

My YouTube Channel is ShimmyBliss if you'd like to check out my 90 some videos I have posted of performances, class choreographies and now my weekly lessons. 

Enjoy my belly dance lessons, more to come...

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