Friday, August 1, 2014

Four Mistakes Dancers Make on the Internet

When updating my website today I ran across an article by Princess Farhana entitled, "Four Mistakes Dancers Make on the Internet".

I started my website, Joy of Belly Dancing back in 1990 when there wasn't a lot of information on the Internet about belly dancing.  I use to spotlight a dancer each month and a lot of the spotlights I received were sent via snail mail to me and I had to scan in the photos and type the bios in by hand.  I stopped spotlighting dancers in 2009 since no one wanted to be bothered promoting themselves anymore; I know crazy that's free advertisement!

Through the years I have seen a lot of dancer websites being born and recently they are disappearing; this is sad.

Everyone is saying, I have a Facebook page I don't need a website and this is not true a website is still very important.  Not everyone has Facebook, I know hard to believe, and if you are not "public" on Facebook not everyone can see it.  You don't want to mix personal life with you dance life, so I agree totally with Princess Farhana.  Don't get me wrong social media is important but it's not a website that promotes just you.

Check out her article when you have a chance,  It is going to be a series, I can't wait for the remaining articles.

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