Friday, September 12, 2008

Classes Started Finally!

After being off from teaching my Mesa Art Center (MAC) classes for 6 weeks we are finally back in session!!! I have been working on 5 new choreographies for my classes and it's finally time to show them off.

I already posted the double fan veil dance that my intermediate cabaret class will be learning. I took all the fan veils to class that Gail, Debbie and I dyed and they were a huge hit. The biggest complaint I had was it was too difficult to pick just one :-)

The class went very well mainly focusing on fan veil technique and how to open them especially with the left hand. If you'd ask my students they would say the fan veils and left hand won that first go around :0) I thought they did awesome for the first night.

My beginning cabaret class on Tuesday night is filled to the brim. They are learning an American style dance and ladies the video is up; yeah! I filmed the routine in my dance room shooting the camera into the mirrors so you can see me from front and back. It might be confusing when I'm out of the camera but when I'm going to the right in the mirror you will be going to the right.

The beginning cabaret class on Wednesday is learning single cane and no one was injured the first night of class!!! Sometimes these canes can fly! We concentrated on cane technique the first night and they did fantastic. Only one cane went flying to the back of the room and only a couple of heads and legs were hit by the cane operator; not bad!

I was keeping the beginning tribal class routine a secret I wasn't sure how they would take learning a dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"; they loved it! The first part will be tribal moves and we will end with "Thriller", a perfect time of year for this dance. The beginning tribal class is huge!!! We are like sardines in the dance room so when we start doing the monster & zombie walks we won't be able to move to far; thank goodness in tribal style we are use to dancing close together :-)

The intermediate tribal class was a riot, they love the dance. We can really break out of our shells on this one!!! I've had a lot of fun creating the dances for the tribal classes I love tribal fusion! Ladies the videos will be up soon on these dances.

Thursday night was my 2nd Thursday of the month class in my home studio and this month's topic was 7 veils. A dust storm decided to move into town around 6:30 but everyone was a trouper and they all showed up for class at 7:00; ladies you are wonderful!!! Mother Nature must be very upset with me for some reason she broke up our class last month also but with rain not dust. At least this time she finished blowing the dust around by the time we were ready to go outside and work with our 7 veils.

I showed a performance by Tamalyn Dallal I had on a DVD. This to me is the best example of dancing with 7 veils; her performance is awesome. You can watch Tamalyn's performance on YouTube, Everyone liked the class so now I guess I need to choreograph a dance with 7 veils :-0

I received in my order of dance swords today. This is something new that I will be selling now. Heads up for my intermediate cabaret dancers we will be learning a sword routine next session starting in January :-)

Everyone have a great weekend...

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