Sunday, October 26, 2008

State Fair 2008

What a great day to dance at the State Fair! We opened the fair at 10 a.m. this morning and it was perfect weather; sun was shining and it wasn't that warm yet.

The only complaint about today was the stage!!!! It was the worse stage I have ever performed on and I have danced on some pretty horrible stages. Usually the stage is painted or carpeted but this thing was in really bad shape. There were more dips in this stage than Barry Mann's song Who Put the Bomp (in the bomp, bomp, bomp) and that's a lot of dips :0) There was ply wood showing through, duct tape that wasn't sticking to anything and filthy dirty!

Everyone who performed today were troopers, they did a great job! Yes we had our bobbles here and there and I was the worst offender but it was a lot of fun.

The soloists were great to watch and we had a huge audience! Normally when you open the fair there maybe 5 people in the audience we had well over 30 folks watching us.

Melissa was so kind to come and video us but only one video turned out descent. The bass on the sound system was up way too much so all my video camera recorded was mainly the bass so even though the video was good the sound is so bad I couldn't watch he routines with the music playing!

Below are some photos and the one and only video that was descent to post; the group fan veil routine. Our next performance will be Tuesday December 16th at the Mesa Art Center hope you all can come and watch us perform.

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