Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome Dance Weekend!!!!!

Wow! what a great weekend for dancing. Friday night started with the Holiday show at Dooby's Grill in Mesa produced by Samia. The restaurant was full but not overly packed enough room to move around and what a great audience it was. It was so nice to see friends I haven’t seen in so long.

There were to be 11 dancers that night but unfortunately Zoraya couldn't make it due to being in a car accident. I was to go on third in the line-up with my snake Kaa, my Royal Python; instead I went on second. Azita went on in the first half since Diosa & Zemurah were late. They missed the turn off and ended up at the first rest stop before Casa Grande. They made it and did an awesome show. From what I could see of the first half everyone was fantastic.

I had to leave during the first half since Kaa decided to entertain the audience with a treat of her own. I feed her 2 weeks before the show so there would be no surprises but no she held all of it in just waiting for the right time to relieve herself. Luckily I felt moisture and got her in the basket just in time before she sprayed the entire front row of kids in the audience.

I missed the entire second half of the show but heard it was magnificent!

Saturday I taught one of my mini workshops to a full house. I reviewed six combination moves I taught in 2007 and they were a hit. They were some of my favorite combos some pleasantly simple and elegant with some being challenging; the combo with the undulations up and down with a shoulder shimmy layered on top being a favorite :0) I didn’t plan it but they were basically all thigh killer moves; oops!

Saturday night was the Chandler Parade of lights were 10 of us performed. I must say I have some very talented students who came up with some terrific costumes!!! I think next year I’m going to have a contest on the best lit costume and another prize for the best use of glow sticks!!!

We had a blast from the start, with getting ready in the parking lot, practicing in the staging area, dancing the entire parade route and eating afterward at Denny's. I know everyone was worried about being cold but it never was an issue we were all to busy having so much fun! The parade viewers were cheering and yelling; I even heard a few zaghareets and wow the cameras flashes were going off like crazy!

Below are some of the photos from the parade. A gigantic Thank You to Linda's husband for taking all the photos, carrying all our stuff and fixing our banner!!!

Next week is super busy also with vending and performing at MACfest. I’ll have photos of us to post if I remember to bring my camera :-)

Enjoy your week…

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