Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crafting Weekend

No dancing this weekend so I spent my time creating cards and crafts. I will be teaching two card/craft classes this month, Saturday the 21st & 28th.

This month's topic is bottle caps and the classes will be making 4 projects; a post it note holder in the shape of a purse, a birthday box to hold a gift or attached money or gift card to the close pin, a match box with card inside and a origami card. Below are photos of the projects plus an extra match box card for my sister’s birthday.

Each project has a different bottle cap to embellish the craft or card. We will be using bottle caps as is and flattened. Inside the bottle caps will be photos that will be beaded or sealed with clear lacquer. One bottle cap will be a shaker with another cap having an accordion card attached.

Birthday box with flatten bottle caps spelling out Happy Birthday. The small cloths pin can hold money or a gift card plus the box can hold a small gift.

Match box with flatten bottle cap with vintage belly dancer photo. Inside the match box is an accordian card with more vintage photos and sentiments.

Post it Note holder in the shape of a purse using fabric and a flatten bottle cap with vintage photo and clear mini beads to and a little spice.

Origami birthday card with shaker bottle cap. When the card is opened it forms a star shape. I made this card for my Mom's birthday.

Here's my Sister's birthday card. It's 3 match boxes attached like a book. The bottle cap has an accordion card with happy birthday wishes. Each match box slides hope where I will putting surprises and money!

Next month's topic will be paper bags and if all goes well there will be 5 projects all using a paper bag. Below is the Valentine's Card I made my husband using a brown lunch bag.

I'm so excited; tomorrow night is a workshop with Kami Liddle at Plaza de Anaya. It's been awhile since I've taken a workshop and I can't wait to learn some new combos to add to my dance and teach my students!

On Feb. 23rd five of us will be performing at Leisure World in Mesa; should be a fun evening. The Illinois Club is always a fun group to perform for.

Last weekend my Royal Python Kaa and I performed for 2 hours at a employee appreciation event at Macayo's. It was a carnival theme and I was the snake charmer. There was a clown, mime, juggler, card reader, cartoonist, magician, carnival games and Larry on stilts or his unicycle; fantastic evening and it gave me hope that if this company could treat it's employees to an evening of food, fun and games things are starting to turn around!!!

Enjoy your week....

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