Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Craft projects for May 9th class

Hi Crafters,

Sorry this has taken so long to get this month's craft projects posted life has been really crazy!!!

Below are photos of the projects we will be making on Saturday.

Ribbon spool box

We will be using an empty ribbon spool to create a box. You will be able to put small goodies inside or make a photo album.

CD calendar 2010

Using 6 used CDs we will create a colorful calendar for next year. Hang it in your office, by your PC, by the phone were ever you need to check a calendar.

file folder album

Theme for the album is "friend" which could be a pet, a class buddy, co-worker, childhood buddy, family member like your mom, sister, etc. Mine is my hubby, he's my best friend :-) We will be taking a used or new file folder to create the album.

Enjoy your week and see you on Saturday...

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