Friday, March 12, 2010

Last Class Recital, March 9, 2010

What a great performance on March 9th!!!  I'm so proud of my students they work really hard on all their dances and what a show they put on Tuesday night.  Thanks to everyone that helped set up the room with chairs and putting everything back when we finished.  The audience was fantastic moving to the dance room to watch the intermediate tribal class perform the skirt dance since the drama room was too small for flying skirts :0)

Below are some photos from the evening performance.  Thanks Gail for taking such great photos during the show.

Group shot before our performance

Beginning Thursday night tribal performing to the song "I Like To Move It"

Beginning Wednesday night tribal class performing a basket dance

Beginning Wednesday night cabaret class performing a fusion dance

Beginning Tuesday night cabaret class performing a 1980's dance called "Bellyrobics"

Intermediate Tuesday night cabaret class performing an Oriental dance

Intermediate Wednesday night tribal class performing a skirt dance

More skirt dance

Jade performing a solo

Roxy performing a sword solo

Michele and Kay enjoying the show

Next recital will be in May...

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