Sunday, April 18, 2010

County Fair 2010

A beautiful day to perform at the County Fair, not to hot with a nice breeze from time to time.

Fifteen of us arrive at the State Fair Grounds to spend an hour together having fun and performing for friends, family and fair goers setting a spell to enjoy our dancing.

Below are a few photos from the days adventure before my camera died.

Group shot before our performance - Carol, Kathy, Pamela, Stacey, Paula, Kelley, Elizabeth, Kay, Roxy, Jadeh, Melissa, myself, Debbie, Dena and Lisa

Carol during the 6 minute routine

Jahed during the 6 minute routine

Pamela, Stacey, Lisa and Dena performing in the tribal fusion skirt dance

Myself in the Thai nail dance with my partner Melissa

Thank you everyone for a fun day....

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