Sunday, October 3, 2010

Belly Raqs! a Flagstaff Middle Eastern Dance Collective Show

What a fun day yesterday going to Flagstaff to be a part of Belly Raqs!  Thanks to the Gypsy Chicks for inviting me to be one of the performers in their show I had a blast.

A huge thanks to Kelley and Kyla for making the drive with me you both Rock!!!!!

We started out around 1:00 from Kelley's house and hit a Circle K for goodies for our trip.  We made awesome time and found the Coconino Center for the Arts with no problem; okay one U-turn but that was it :0)

We made it to the Center by 3:30 and chatted with the Gypsy Chicks and went to grab something to eat before rehearsal at 4:30.

The weather in Flag was soooooooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!  We left 105 degree temps in the Valley to nice cool 80 degree weather in the pines in Flagstaff; we even hit a little rain on the way up the mountain!

We had rehearsal for the opening and closing numbers and a few of us ran through our numbers and it was time to get ready for the show.  We all started to get ready inside the Center and when the doors opened we moved outside to a tent to finish getting ready.  This was really challenging since there was no lights outside and we had two mini lanterns inside the tent.  I think I did pretty well putting on my eyelashes and make up by lantern light :0)

The show started a little after 7:00 and finished up around 8:00.  Being in two numbers I wasn't able to watch the show but Kyla and Kelley filled me in on the way to Cold Stone Creamy for well deserved ice cream after the show.

We made it back to the Valley in record time even going through some nice rain, winds and the most beautiful lightening show for the drive home.

Below are photos from the day.  My camera is a little slow and takes awhile to focus so most of the photos are blurred.  Kyla took photos with her camera which is a lot better than mine; I can't wait to see them.  Thanks Kelley for taking photos with my dinosaur of a camera during the show.
Group shot from the Circle K Parking lot - Flagstaff here we come!!!!!

Opening number rehearsal before the show

Topaz with the Do-Op Girls


Tribal Collective

Troupe Shuvani


Part of Gypsy Chicks

Janet & Meredith

Lightning Laura


This month is a very busy month dance wise with lots of performances through the end of the year.  Check out my Belly News Blog for more happenings with my students from the Mesa Art Center.  We have the State Fair, MECDA Festival, City of Mesa Talent show and the Chandler Parade of Lights to name a few events coming up.

Thanks again to the Gypsy Chicks and to the dancers of Flagstaff for making me feel so welcome.

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