Saturday, December 25, 2010

December Events

December was a very busy month with workshops, the Light Parade in downtown Chandler, Desert Mirage at Grandma's Kitchen and classes ending.

I finally have time to post on all my blogs what has been happening since we are having a break between classes.

December 4th was a very busy day!  It was the first Saturday of the month which is my day to offer workshops in my home studio.  I am now teaching 3 workshops, 2 dance workshops and 1 drum and zill workshop.  The dance workshops that day were combinations moves and balance where we mainly concentrated on tray and sword props.

That night was the Parade of Lights in downtown Chandler which is always a lot of fun.  I posted photos from the Light Parade with a short video clip of us during the parade on my Belly News blog, check it out when you have a chance.

Here is a group shot of most of us before the parade.

Saturday December 11th I taught a card class in the morning and that night it was off to Grandma's Kitchen for Desert Mirage.  Not many people showed up that night so it was an early evening.  Sorry no photos from the nights show.  To see the projects from the card class check out my Crafty Belly Dancer blog.

I also opened an Etsy store this month with the same name as my blog, Crafty Belly Dancer.  I'm selling my belly dance themed art along with belly dance and craft supplies.  I'm still working on my Etsy store and listing new items.

Wednesday December 14th was our last class recital and what a fun class it was.  I really enjoyed this class recital I only messed up on one dance this time! :-)  We had several soloist and group number it was a great last class!  Due to our puppies being neutered the day before the hubby wasn't there to take video of all the class performances he was home puppy sitting. 

Below is a group shot before the recital started.

Thank you students for a great 2010.  Classes start on January 11th, 12th and 13th.  I'm offering a new class next session, Drum and Zill class on Thursday nights from 8 - 9.  Check out my website for a list of all my classes at the Mesa Art Center.

Enjoy your holidays and see you next year...

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