Monday, March 7, 2011

January 2011

January was a very busy month!!!  Classes started on the 11th all 8 of them and my annual swap meet was on the 15th.

The swap meet was so much fun!!!!  There were 4 workshops during the day with 18 vendors outside in the yard.  This year's instructors were Divine Chaos, Holly, Sherry and myself with the evening show featuring all the instructors along with Holly's troupe, Sherry's troupe and special guests Rajani and Ekaja.

I taught a veil workshop at Simplicity Yoga on the 29th and of course forgot my camera.  I really need to stop doing this!!!  Thank you April for sponsoring me in another workshop I always have such a great time teaching at your studio.

Below are photos from the swap meet.  I handed Kyla my camera and she took some great shots.  She also took some really interesting photos as only Kyla can; sorry they didn't make the blog :-)   Sorry to say none of the photos from the evening show turned out; thanks Melissa for trying; it wasn't you it was my camera.

Thank you all who attend the swap meet, see you again next year.

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