Monday, March 7, 2011

February Events 2011

What another busy, busy month!!!  Classes are still in session, my normal 1st Saturday of the month workshops, Estrella War vending with Kyla and taught a workshop in Safford.

Estrella War was something else this year.  Kyla asked me back to vend with her so John and I went out on Sunday to set up the vending tent.  Gail helped Kyla during the week and John and I went out with the puppies and RV on Friday.  I opened shop on Friday with Gail popping in and out during the day so Kyla could be at home due to the lose of their dog Willow.  Friday was very busy and the weekend looked very promising with sales.  Saturday arrived and it was pretty nice in the early morning and than 11:00 came and so did the wind!  I held the center pole of the tent till about 2:00 when I had to go check on John to see if he was okay.  Around 2:30 it started to rain and it rained the rest of the day.  I went back to the vending tent around 4:00 and started to clean all my stuff from the dust storm.  Kyla had been cleaning and finished her side of the tent and took off for the rest of the day.  I finished cleaning my side and locked up shop and went to get some dinner for the night.  Ran into several ladies from Plaza de Anaya and spent some time chatting and catching up with everyone.  Kimberly and I decided to brave the rain and went to get some food.  Back to the RV to eat and watch some movies and watched it rain.  Sunday the morning was beautiful and people were out shopping.  Than the wind started up again and Kyla and I decided to call it a weekend and started packing up.  John and I left around 4:00 that afternoon and hit rain on the way home.  The puppies did very well for their first camping experience and the RV survived another trip.

I didn't get many photos since it was such a miserable weekend.  Below are a few shots I had a chance to take on Friday.  The first one is of the puppies with Nitro telling me he wanted out of the pen.  The next few photos are of my items from Shimmy Bliss and the two remaining photos are of Kyla's work; she makes some awesome works of art.  Her hair items and jewelry are breath taking.

Of course I forgot my camera when Gail and I went down to Safford for my Tribal Asian Fusion workshop sponsored by Rajani.  Gail and I started out at 6:30 a.m. since Google Maps said it would take 3 1/2 hours and the workshop started at 10:00.  The drive was uneventful thank goodness and it only took 2 1/2 hours to get there.  Rajani was already at the gym setting up when we got there.  We unloaded her truck and my car and set up Shimmy Bliss.  The ladies started arriving and Rajani put out a spread of food that was amazing; love the chicken salad!  Erin makes the best cupcakes and she brought two flavors, hummingbird and lemon!  Erin please bring more cupcakes to Fusion Day in June and Wiggles in July; pretty please with sugar on top :0)  The workshop went well the ladies in Safford picked up everything so quickly you all Rak!  After the workshop was more eating, talking and shopping.  Thank you Rajani for having me back it was a fantastic day!!!  Gail and I left around 2:00 and had another uneventful drive home thank goodness.  Next year I'll remember the camera!

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