Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fusion Day 3

What a fantastic day yesterday at Fusion Day 3!!!!  The day started at 5 a.m. getting ready and everything loaded up in the car and truck for a full day of fun!  Ro (from Ro and Rea) was the first vendor to get at the Women's Club of Mesa.  She arrived before Rea which is amazing :0)  Mona was the next vendor to arrive from Canterra Designs.  She was helping out Canterra who couldn't make it due to a family emergency.  Naj from the arrived and we were all busy getting our booths set up for a full day of vending. 

The doors opened at 9:00 a.m. with a few people wondering in to shop.  Rajani and Erin arrived from Safford and we got Erin set up to do henna. 

The first workshop started at 10 with the lovely Helena Vlahos teaching "taxim".  The workshop was full of eager dancers following every move of Helena's and listening to every word.  Helena was incredible yesterday teaching her workshop; she had everyone dancing, laughing and having a great time. 

Rajani taught the next full workshop called a "pinch of salt".  The handout was a book!  Her workshop encompassed so much information touching on negative vs. positive space, stage space, energy, hands, stage fright, costuming and more!  It's so great to see workshops with so much movement, laughing and everyone having a blast!

I ended the day with a tribal workshop on working with partners and groups.  A huge thanks to my helper Lisa I couldn't have done this without you.   I warmed everyone up to get their blood flowing and muscles ready for their dance workshop.  We started with reviewing all the moves that were going to be in the combinations.  The first combo was slow and we worked it as a duet than what it would be as a trio.  The second combo was faster paced and we first learned it as a duet and barely had enough time to work it out at as a trio and quartet.  It was nice to hear cheers when the groups got the combos!!! It was another full workshop and no one ran into each other during all the turns; you all rock! :0)

During the 30 minute breaks between workshops there was a lot of networking, shopping and people getting henna; Erin had them line-up waiting to receive one of her masterpieces.

We closed down the building before the show and opened back up again at 6:30.  The audience was wonderful!  Lots of clapping, yips and zaghareets all night long!  The performers were spectacular in both their lovely costumes and dancing.  Taking photos was Santa Joe and a new comer Angie Marie; I can't wait to see the photos from the show!

Below are photos that I snapped throughout the day; sorry no photos of my workshop I forgot to tell the hubby to take them.

Mona from Canterra Designs

Rea & Ro

Shimmy Bliss booth during set up

Some of the students in Helena's workshop

Rajani's workshop

group shot from Rajani's workshop

Erin (Ekaja) doing henna on Rajani's arm

helpers Kelley and Clara

my hubby helping at the check in desk



Pamela from Flagstaff








Thank you to everyone who helped out, shopped, took a workshop and performed; you all made Fusion Day 3 so special!!!  My next big event is my annual swap meet on January 14, 2012 hope to see you there it will be number 17!

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