Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rachel Brice Show, 6/4/11

What a fabulous evening!!!!  Kimberly from Plaza de Anaya brought Rachel Brice to town for 3 days of workshops and an evening show.  By the time I found out about Rachel being here her workshops were sold out :-( 

I was honored to be asked to perform in the evening show; thanks Kimberly for the invite I had a blast.  I met the most wonderful down to earth woman; what a great soul Rachel Brice has she is amazing.

Normally with the craziness of a show you never have time to chat with the stars but not so last night I was able to spend some time getting to know Rachel.

The show started with Melissa performing to the musical talents of Elissa on dombec.  Following them was Ellisah doing a double veil routine and ending with a drum solo.  Ava Fleming was breath taking with her dance from Moulin Rouge, Roxane.  It was so nice to see Heidi perform and drove the audience crazy with her African fusion dance.  Eric Salazar from Albuquerque was next and boy can he move.  Melissa graced the stage again with a special effects light projection show with Voidmine; very cool.  Bastet's fan veil routine was incredible!  I really liked the short fan veils and might be cutting a pair of mine off :-)  Ending the first half was Rachel Brice.  What can I say, perfection!  Her first number was short and fun great teaser for what was coming up.

I opened the 2nd half of the show with a veil dance to Apocalyptica.  Anaya Tribal (Tiffany & Danna) was after me and sorry to say I missed it :-(  Helena Vlahos graced the stage with such elegance as only Helena can.  I love watching her dance she was magnificent last night.  Bastet & Eric Salazar did a duet and love, love, loved it!  They are great together.  Rachel Brice ended the evening and wow!!!  Her last song was a Smokey jazz piece and her dance was amazing, astonishing and breathtaking.

I only have a few photos from the evening.  There was no flash photography allow and my camera doesn't do well in low light so no photos from the show.  Below is a group shot with crew, group shots of some of the performers and a photo of Rachel and I.  Thanks so much to the gentleman that was sitting in the front row before the show started to take these pictures for me.

 group shot with crew

 group shot with some of the performers

 A Plaza de Anaya tradition, a funny shot

 Rachel Brice, Heidi and I

 Rachel Brice and I

Next event coming up is Fusion Day 3 on Saturday June 11th.  Hopefully I'll have more photos to show :-)  See you there...

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