Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you Flagstaff!!!!!!!

On Sunday June 7th my husband, dog Rasto and I headed up to Flagstaff. It was a great trip up and back with no problems along the way; yeah!

We arrived in Flagstaff around 11:30 and found the dance studio I was going to be teaching a fan veil workshop at 1:00 that afternoon. We headed off to find some food and located a little restaurant up the road a bit.

After lunch we headed back to the dance studio where I met Pamela and unloaded the car to get ready for the workshop.

The ladies started to arrive that were taking the workshop and I enjoyed meeting all the new dancers and it was wonderful to see old friends that I haven't seen in years!

Every one picked out their fan veils and I started the workshop. Fan veils are a beautiful prop to dance with and can really add to ones dance with all the flowing silk. The hardest part about dancing with them is opening them and keeping them open! Once you master that it's smooth sailing :0)

The students did awesome! I put a lot in this hour and a half workshop. Technique, moves and a double fan veil choreography. Ladies here's the link to the routine I taught you.

I forgot so many things on this trip and one was my camera, sorry no pictures :-(

Pamela H. thanks so much for all your help in putting this event together, you rock!!!

I hope the Flagstaff dancers will have me back up North I'd love to teach another workshop next summer.

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