Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a very long time since my last post; been super busy.

My Mesa Art Center (MAC) classes start this week along with my Thursday morning classes. During our break my MAC classes had their class recital at Dooby's and it went very well. When I walked in the restaurant and saw tables in front of the stage my heart sunk, the tables were not supposed to be there! There were 100 reservations and Dooby needed to use the dance floor; yikes were is everyone going to dance, the stage will only hold 6 dancers max!

We were able to move one table down front and a couple of numbers we needed to perform twice so everyone had a chance to dance so it all worked out. All in all it was a very delightful evening. My students did fantastic I was so very proud of them working in such tight quarters they were real troopers.

Of course I forgot my cameras that night so I have no photos or video :-(

This session I will be teaching Voi in the intermediate tribal class. I haven't taught this dance for awhile. This is a cross between poi (fire spinning) and veil. A fun dance with no fire!

My dear husband has spent the last several days coming up with a safe way to create the voi for my students. The first time he put them together the bolt when through the tennis ball with a nut and washers at the bottom. This really hurt when the tennis ball hit a body part during spinning it never failed you got nailed by the bolt. He came up with a design where there is no bolt coming through the tennis ball and it works great!!!! I must say he's a pretty awesome guy!!! :-)

I've been asked by Plaza de Anaya to come back and teach next session and I will be teaching Voi there also. I love performing with a veil no matter if it's by itself or attached to a fan or poi.

My Thursday morning classes start this week also along with my first Saturday of the month mini workshop; this month's topic is tribal fusion moves.

Next Saturday, April 11th will be my monthly card/craft class and that night I will be performing at the Tribal Pura show at Plaza de Anaya. This is going to be one spectacular show. It's not too late to get your ticket. Discount tickets are $15, $25 at the door. The show starts at 7:00 p.m. Here's more info.

I'll be posting photos soon of all the cards we will be making on the 11th; it's going to be a fun class.

There is so much going on this month with dancing. We have the County Fair on Saturday the 18th at noon. Plaza de Anaya recital class on Sunday the 26th with the new session starting on Monday the 27th and several of my MAC students and I performing at one of our favorite spots Maui Wowi on April 25th.

Hope you to see you at one of the many classes and events this month.

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Wicked Rebecca said...

We had a lovely time! we brought the troupe (Egyptian Cartouche) and enjoyed a lovely night out! I was suppose to be at the beginning Tribal Fusion class last night, but I got lost *of course I did lol!*
Yasmina, I'm trying to email you, but it keeps bouncing! Is there any room in your Saturday mini-workshop?