Sunday, April 19, 2009

County Fair April 2009

What a perfect day to be dancing outside with a group of wonderful friends, my students. We arrived at the State Fair grounds in plenty of time. With freeway closures of the 202 and 101 it was difficult to get out of the East Valley! I hadn't been on the 60 in ages and wow all the changes along the way were amazing.

We caravanned in 4 cars and some how all arrived at the Fair grounds close together. There were 11 of us dancing at the fair; Michele, Kay, Dena and Melissa we missed you.

When we arrived at the Community Stage Santa Joe was there taking photos of all the belly dancers performing on Saturday; he was going to be there all day. Members from Desert Dancers from Casa Grande and Florence were performing after us so we had a great audience of fellow dancers along with friends and family.

I am so proud of my students they were tremendous and so much fun to dance with; they performed like pros! The stage was great although there were a few places where the wood was separating under the indoor outdoor carpet. It was a eerie feeling when you stepped on those spots wondering if you were going to go through the stage or not. This stage was 100 percent better, no 500 percent better than the State Fair stage we had last year :-)

Kudos to Shelbie for being our photographer during our performance; sensational job Shelbie you got some great shots!!! Below are photos of our performances and a few candid shots :0)

Group shot before performance

Hips Don't Lie

Indian Fusion

Debbie, solo

Fan veil

Tribal drum solo

Jackie & Kathy, duet


Blues Brothers, Do You Love Me

Zahira, solo



Paula, solo



I Like to Move It


Jackie & Kathy

Melissa - surprise :-)

Enjoy your Sunday...

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