Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fees Middle School Performance

Wow what a super busy weekend!!! On Friday night several instructors from Plaza de Anaya performed at the Fees Middle School Festival.

Thank goodness we were able to perform inside the auditorium on stage and what a show it was! Not only was both Tribal and Cabaret styles of belly dancing was represented there was also poi, staff and juggling.

My hubby was there to video and filmed several of us before the battery went dead and he couldn't find the replacement batteries in my bag. I think he was afraid to go into my bag and look :0)

Below are photos I took before the event and video of some of the dancing that night.


Lois and Edith

Rebecca (all above photos of members of Egyptian Cartouche)

members of Kamalah

Cari from Anaya Tribal


Rahzi, Mia Donna, Cari and Kimberly

Egyptian Cartouche

Rebecca, myself, Lois and Edith


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