Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Dance Weekend

It has been a great weekend for dancing!

I performed Friday night at Fully Fusion Night at Memo's Cafe a new place in Tempe. When my friend Debbie and I arrived at Memo's Cafe the place was packed!!! We made it in just in time they started to turn people away at the door they were at full capacity. Debbie and I stood by the front door for the first 3 performances when Gina waved at us to come and sit on the floor by them. After the first set a lot of people left due to the smoke from the hookahs and the very loud music, so Debbie and I along with Zahira got a table to sit at.

There were 14 performances that night and they were all different. The theme of the night was Fusion no Cabaret or Tribal style dancing. It was nice to see new dancers I hadn't seen before and dancers that I haven't seen in a long time perform. Some of the styles that night were Bollywood, Hip Hop, Tahitian, Latin and Spanish, Jazz, World Mix and Indian. I have no photos or video from this performance but Santa Joe was there taking photos and he had the best seat in the house. Hopefully he will post them to his website; I'll keep you posted.

Saturday night was Maui Wowi with Egyptian Cartouche. What a great time!!! This is such a supportive atmosphere to dance in. The dancers are all levels and put together a great show. Egyptian Cartouche performs group numbers between the guest dancers and it's always fun to dance with everyone in the open dance sessions. It was so much fun to see everyone from Phoenix and Surprise who I don't have a chance to get together with. You can't beat the chocolate strawberry smoothies either :-) I performed 2 numbers but only one came out on video, the fan dance. This fan dance I taught awhile ago and I haven't performed it in awhile. It was nice to dust it off and perform it as a solo.

I'm attempting to perform most of the dances I have taught in the past to post them on my "student page" on my Joy of Belly Dancing website. Here students will find the written choreographies and a performance of the dance. It may take me awhile to get the video up but it will be a fun process :0)

I received an application to perform at the State Fair and this year I'm offering it to my intermediate classes to come and perform. The State Fair is always a fun place to dance.

I checked my class registration this morning and now 3 of my classes have already made minimum. I'm two and three students away for my other 2 classes to go. This is amazing classes don't start until September 9th & 10th!!! Last session both my beginning cabaret and tribal classes were full and I had a wait list; looks like the same thing may happen again.

I put Kuchi belts up for sale in my eBay store for the next 3 days. I will be having more sales this week and over the holiday weekend. It's so nice to have new inventory in stock again. Check out my store for great deals this week,

I'm off to go work on the kitchen...

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