Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a crazy day!

Today was totally a crazy day. It's now almost midnight and my day is not over with yet.

It took me most of the day to check in my last order and I haven't had a chance to list any of the skirts from my previous order. My friend Rukshana even helped one day last week and modeled for me. Here's an example of the patchwork Jaipur skirt that came in.

Here's one of these beautiful skirts in action. These skirts are really full, light weight and move really well; a joy to dance in. This performance was from the show in Sedona on August 16th at the Rock Cafe. This dance I taught my Intermediate Tribal class last session at the Mesa Art Center, enjoy.

One of my vendors emailed me to let me know I have two boxes on the way so I should have more new inventory next week. Cross our fingers and hope they go through customs with no problem :-)

I was able to list beaded medallions today, 28 pairs which are difficult to get. Check them out in my eBay store, http://stores.ebay.com/Shimmy-Bliss-Costuming-Co. They are listed in the Costuming Supplies catagory.

I hope to have more items listed this week now that I have lots of inventory. I now have Kuchi pendant belts in both the shoe string style and embroidered belt base style. Earrings, spike cuffs, shell belts, Jaipur skirts, cholis and metal disk pendants to name a few.

I checked registration on my classes today and it's going very well. My classes start Sept. 9th and 10th at the Mesa Art Center (MAC) Both of my tribal classes have gone I have made the minimium number of students and all my cabaret classes also have registrations; I'm so happy!!!!!! This session is going to be 13 weeks long and I'm choreographing all new dances. For more info on my classes check out my website, http://www.joyofbellydancing.com/classwrksp.htm.

Back to work for me...so much to do so little time :0)

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