Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sedona Weekend

Hi, I'm Yasmina and welcome to my blog.

I'm new to this and don't have a clue on what I'm doing, so here goes.....

My husband John, my dog Ratso and I just spent an awesome time in Sedona this weekend. I had the pleasure of teaching a dance workshop sponsored by Holly and the Gypsy Chicks. The ladies were so much fun and I was honored to perform with the Gypsy Chicks, Carrie and Patrick in a show that night at the Rock Cafe in Cottonwood.

We started our trip on Friday the day before the workshop just in case we had RV problems. We have an older RV and you just never know :-) Luckily it was smooth sailing up and back.

It was so nice to get out of the heat from the Valley of the Sun to a nice cool climate. I don't know what the high was in Sedona the 3 days we were there but it rained every afternoon and evening! The weather to us was fantastic!!! We had the windows open in the RV at night and Saturday night I even had a blanket on the bed!!!

We stayed at the beautiful Rancho Sedona RV Park along Oak Creek in the trees. It's so peaceful and quiet there and we got the best spot in the entire park; the hilltop. Every morning I woke up to the squirrels chasing each other in the trees in our secluded spot and the birds singing their songs.

We took our scooter "Stella" along so we could get around and not have to take our 30' RV into town or drive around Sedona and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Riding a scooter is so much fun!!!

Saturday morning we woke up early and took Stella into town and had some breakfast. I knew I wouldn't be eating much that day with teaching a workshop and performing that night and who can pass up a good breakfast out? :-) When we left the restaurant that morning it started to sprinkle so we took a ride into the canyon to see the scenery before heading back to the RV. It was a great ride in the cool and rainy weather.

Holly was so nice to pick me up and take me to the workshop. I taught the class 7 combos and we put them all together in a dance. The combinations I taught were a little bit of tribal fused in with cabaret style of dance. The last part of the workshop I talked about how to put your dance together with a discussion. The 2 and half hours went so fast; just to prove when you are having fun time fly's!

Holly brought me back to the RV Park so my hubby and I could get ready for the dinner show in Cottonwood. Carrie was so nice to pick us up and take us to the restuarant that night. It was really raining and the thought of riding Stella in costume and not having a clue on where we were going was crazy.

The dinner show was held in the banquet room, a nice large area to dance. It was a bit challenging with the poles that looked like tree trunks down the middle of the dance floor but very dueable.

Holly surprised me with 2 press releases from the local newspaper about the dinner show. How cool is that to be in the paper!!!!

I started the show off with a Spanish fusion set and the audience was fantastic; great crowd. The Gypsy Chicks did a set after a short break; awesome set. I really love their fan dance!!! Carrie started off the third set with an amazing Raks Sharqi dance and looked astounding in her pink costume! I ended the evening in an Indian fusion set with open dancing at the end with Patrick playing drums.

What a tremendous evening; great friends, incredible dancing and excellent food; it doesn't get any better than this!!! :-)

Thanks to Pamela for taking John and I back to the RV after a marvelous day of fun.

Of course after a day of such fun I can not wide down right away still on clould nine :0) We watched the Olympics when we got back. We were just in time to see Michael Phelps and the relay team win gold!!!! Every chance I get I'm watching the Olympics just can't get enough. Thank goodness the RV park we stayed at had cable!

Sunday morning I took Ratso for a nice walk, poor little guy really needed some outside time. We loaded up the RV and headed back down to the Valley. Thank goodness the trip back home was uneventful. There was road construction along the way and we had to exit the freeway so it took us a little longer to get home that was the only distraction; not bad!

A humongous thanks to Holly, all the Gypsy Chicks, all the workshop attendies and Carrie for a spectacular time in Sedona. I felt so welcome and part of the group. You all Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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