Monday, August 18, 2008

New Order!

I'm so excited I finally received in my order that I have been waiting for since June!

My poor vendor has been having so many issues with shipping and finally was able to ship my order via air cargo. I'll tell you this was an experience to say the least.

Before my order was shipped I had to find a custom broker to be my go between to receive my order in from customs. I located one via the Internet, AZ Customs Brokers in Phoenix and they helped me through the process; they were awesome! Normally I receive my orders via DHL and they do everything so this is all new to me.

My order was shipped via British Airways on August 11th and it arrive Wednesday night. I emailed the custom brokers that my shipment arrived and that I was leaving town early Friday morning what were the next steps. Of course it was after 5:00 p.m. so they were closed.

AZ Customs Brokers responded to me Thursday morning to give me good and bad news. The good news was my shipment was here but I couldn't get it until every item was marked "made in Pakistan". Customs would not release my shipment until everything was labeled!!! My order should not have left Pakistan without being labeled.

So I made up over 500 labels went to AZ Customs Brokers and paid the duties and other charges, went to US Airways and sat there for hours labeling every single piece.

I must say the guys at US Airways at the Phoenix Airport were awesome and helpful. It was very entertaining watching them do there job and the highlight was the bomb sniffing dog checking out all the packages.

Once I finished the labeling one of the guys from US Airways loaded my order in the back of my car; thank goodness for fork lifts this thing was over 92 pounds. I headed to customs so they could check my order and clear it so I could take it home.

The customs agent was very helpful and enlighted me on a lot of things so my next order will go much smoother; I hope :-)

I left the Customs facility just before 5:00 p.m. and headed home to get ready to teach my dance class at 7:00 p.m. and than start loading the RV after my class so we could leave in the morning for Sedona for a mini vacation and to teach a dance workshop and perform in the show on Saturday night.

It's Monday morning and I'm finally getting a chance to check in my long awaited order of Kuchi pendant belts, metal disk pendants, metal fringe, beaded medallions, cuffs and more.

The photo is what an order looks like when I get it in. It still amazes me that not more items are damaged since everything is put in a plastic bags inside a metal container. I can image how everything inside gets rolled around during transportation.

I had a chance to uploaded some of my performances on YouTube last night from the show in Sedona. Take a look when you have a chance. You'll see the veil eating poles that we had to naviagate around :-)

There are also videos of my summer classes performing routines they learned during the summer session at the Mesa Art Center (MAC). That was a very fun weekend performing two nights at the Playhouse Theater at the MAC. All the summer dance classes were invited to perform and we rocked the house especially on Saturday night the audience was fantastic. Thanks to my hubby for filming that night. Enjoy the video clips.

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